Не работает wifi на ноутбуке acer aspire v3 571g

Не работает wifi на ноутбуке acer aspire v3 571g

External cleaning touchpad

First you need to make sure that the touchpad panel is clean, because it is likely that due to dirty particles, the device simply does not respond to the touch of your fingers. Wipe the touchpad with a soaped swab first, then walk on it with a damp cloth and let it dry.

Do not worry about the fact that the tampon or cloth will be wet. The touchpad does not respond to moisture, because of what you do not damage it that way.

Check for connection using keys

It is likely that the touchpad was simply disabled. All laptops have “quick keys” with which you can adjust some elements of the laptop.

So, simultaneously pressing the key combination Fn  and the necessary button in the top row on the keyboard, you can enable and disable the touchpad.

It is important to remember that on different laptops such combinations may be different. Just look for the touchpad-like icon in the top row.

Check for device conflict

Perhaps the connected mouse and touchpad on the laptop are in conflict with each other. If you checked the first two options and their solution did not help, then try to disconnect the mouse from the laptop and then turn on the touchpad, as described above.

Utility use

Another way to solve this problem may be the presence of an icon on the panel near the clock (see the screenshot below). If you have such an icon, the touchpad can be activated using it.

Test for connecting the loop

To check this option, you will need to get to motherboard  laptop. To do this, open the back panel (on some models top panel), unscrewing the bolts on it.

Note: different models laptops open in different ways, so you cannot give specific advice on how to open a laptop.
  When you see the “motherboard”, see if the cable has disconnected from it.

Driver installation

Do not forget that the work of most laptop components requires the presence of drivers.

Driver is softwarethat interacts with a particular part with the laptop's operating system. So, for the mouse, a connected keyboard or the same touchpad, these drivers are required.

It is important to remember that each component has its own drivers. One universal driver for all occasions does not exist.
  Links for downloading drivers for models Asus  and Acer:


Not at all the fact that the above methods will help you. If none of the above has worked, then we recommend that you simply take the laptop to a service center, where you can be helped to solve the existing problem.

One of the featureswork on a laptop is that it does not necessarily use a mouse, it replaces the touchpad. Question why the touchpad does not work on a laptop, many users care because  in the event of a breakdown, there is a lot of inconvenience, especially if you do not have a mouse at your disposal.The touchpad is a touchpad that reacts to touch and finger movement, which moves the cursor along a predetermined path. The problems that arise are often not his correct setting.

Step-by-step instructions for restoring the touchpad

1. No matter how funny it sounds, but first make sure that it is clean. This panel is cleaned using a soapy swab. Next, wipe with a damp cloth and let dry. About 5% of calls to our service center is solved in this way. It is very important to remember that the touch panel does not respond to wet and greasy hands!

2. Make sure that the correct sensitivity parameters are set in the settings and that the touch panel device touchpad  "works fine". In this case, this device is asus touchpad  ps / 2.

3. Check for the presence of all necessary drivers for the touchpad. It is very important that the driver window contains entries from the manufacturer with a version higher than 1.0. Often standard windows drivers  (especially often found in systems 7 and 8.1) do not function correctly.

4. When the touchpad does not work as a whole, then to eliminate the cause, you need to exclude simple options malfunction. First make sure the panel is connected. In order to connect the panel, you can use several methods:

Fn key combination with one of the keys F1-F12;

Press the on / off button on the touchpad (it is not available on all laptop models);

Enable with a utility that is displayed next to the clock;

Disable the mouse, which automatically turns on the panel (device conflict).

Other possible problems and their solution

This all refers to software issues, and if after the options provided, the sensor still does not work, then the cause goes into the category of hardware.

First, make sure to connect the cable to the motherboard. There are cases when during transportation the cable falls out of the connector. You can fix this problem yourself, but in case of doubt it is better to contact the service center.

Secondly, the sensor may stop working as a result of mechanical damage. In this case, it must be completely replaced. Exceptions are cases of weak mechanical damage that can be corrected.

If the touchpad does not work in conjunction with other devices (USB ports, keyboard, etc.), then the fault lies in the motherboard, the intervention in which is carried out exclusively in the service center. As a result, if you find problems with the touch panel, before going to the service center, conduct an independent inspection possible reasons  breakdowns that help save your time and money.

If only scrolling or finger gestures does not work

Often the problem lies not so much in the complete loss of functionality, as in the device’s partially working capacity, and if scrolling on the touchpad (the so-called scrolling) or special gestures for fingers does not work for you, the whole problem lies in the curvature installed drivers. If their reinstallation did not help, then you will have to contact the service center, as it is impossible to exclude a physical failure of the panel (for example, after filling it with liquid with a dry matter content). Another thing is if scrolling on the touchpad stopped working for no apparent reason. In this case, these are 99% curved drivers - most often similar problems with scrolling are found on devices Acer, ASUS and Hewlett-Packard (HP).

By the way, a lot of useful information can be found in the article "What to do if the laptop is flooded."

Problems on different notebook models

Thousands of people contact our service centers throughout the country per month and, thanks to this, we can collect very interesting breakdown statistics touchpad devices.


The Taiwanese company produces excellent models that almost never break. If the touchpad does not work for you aSUS laptop  - This is not the problem of the device itself, but of the operating system. However, not everything is so rosy - physical damage occurs in the K53S asus series.


Low cost laptops of this manufacturer - a constant headache for the repairman. There is no reason to sin on the OS - on the Acer Aspire laptops, the touchpad often does not work for no apparent reason. We advise you to pay attention to the BIOS settings, and if you are able to disassemble the device yourself (which we absolutely do not recommend), then check the cable connecting the panel. Unlike the previous one trademark, the only model suffering from persistent problems with a touchpad is the 5750g line.


The American company Packard Bell, once popular in the CIS countries, is becoming less and less common on the market, which is bound to "grieve"silt "of the IT world. The most common problem that doesn’t make the touchpad work on Packard Bell laptops is by accidentally pressing the Fn + F7 keys (the corresponding icon is drawn on it). Just click and everything will be fine. If it doesn't work, try the combination Fn + Esc  - this combination is also convenient to eliminate false positives.

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Very often, the problems consist in enhancing sensitivity, clogging of buttons with food (everyone sometimes sin, do not worry), lack of adequate drivers. If the touchpad on your HP laptop does not work for you, it is better to contact the service center to keep the warranty on a very expensive device.

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Lenovo's equipment is rapidly gaining popularity in Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries. If the touchpad does not work on the purchased Lenovo device - download the latest drivers, this will help solve the problem. Also very real on Lenovo devices, people just inadvertently forget to turn on the touchpad (the button is placed very inconveniently, and often people themselves do not notice how they themselves create a problem).

The Sony company produces a lot of top models, including ultrabooks, the diagnosis of which is complicated by the complex design of the case and microscopic connections (including the loop). Especially hard to repair if the touchpad is broken on a SONY VAIO. The device is connected to a printed circuit board with ultrathin loops. If the device does not function, it is better to contact the workshop.

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The most high-quality manufacturers were, oddly enough, Toshiba and Dell. In the model data, such a problem almost never occurs. If the touchpad does not work on the Toshiba Satellite or Dell laptop - look for a problem in the operating system.

Learn more about:

Fix the problem in Windows 7/8 / 8.1

Quite often, the problem lies not in the hardware, but in the settings of the operating system. In order to reinstall the drivers, you need to download their official website and run in the OS.

For Windows, go to the Device Manager and select the one you need. Then click on its properties and click "Update." If the driver is not located, remove it and restart the system. After the restart, Windows will automatically pull up the necessary software. Step-by-step photo instruction:

Dell Latitude E7440


Dell Latitude E7440Ноутбук: Dell Latitude E7440
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Дисплей: 14.00 ", 16:9, 1366 x 768 пикс.
Вес: 1.63Кг
Ссылки: Dell - сайт производителя Dell (сайт производителя) Latitude E7440 ((страница устройства))


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Dell Latitude E7440


Dell Latitude E7440Ноутбук: Dell Latitude E7440
Процессор: Intel Core i5 4300U
Графика: Intel HD Graphics 4400
Дисплей: 14.00 ", 16:9, 1920 x 1080 пикс.
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Ссылки: Dell - сайт производителя Dell (сайт производителя) Latitude E7440 ((страница устройства))

Включить wifi на ноутбуке acer – шаг первый

ноутбук acer aspire

Первое что вам понадобится сделать, чтобы включить вай фай на ноутбуке асер, это установить драйвер.

Без него никак. Посмотреть есть ли он у вас, можете в диспетчере устройств, в строке: «сетевые адаптеры».

включить wifi на ноутбуке acer aspire в диспетчере устройств

У вас название, может быть другое, но Wireless (это wifi) – должно быть. Впрочем, если установите еще раз, это вашему ноутбуку ничем не повредит.

Как установить скачать драйвер именно для вашей модели читайте здесь подробную инструкцию и учтите, что нужен именно для вашей модели acer – универсального нет.

Включить wifi на ноутбуке acer – шаг второй

После установки драйвера wifi, может включится сразу после перезагрузки, если не включился, поможем ему.

На очень многих ноутбуках асер, есть специальные кнопки включающие и отключающие wifi.

Они могут находится где угодно: по бокам, спереди и даже где-то возле клавиш. Внимательно осмотрите свой ноутбук acer и если найдете, (они обычно обозначены значком в виде антенны), то включите.

Часто возле них также есть индикатор. Если загорится, зеленным цветом, обычно значит все окей.

Если ваша модель acer aspire от 1000 до 1690 или 2012 и acer ferrari 3000, 3020, 3400, 4000 то кнопку ищите над клавиатурой. В серии 2000 или 5610, то на передней части ноутбука.

С правой стороны корпуса кнопка находится в моделях ноутбука acer aspire 3005. Также с боку (не помню с которого) найдете в aspire 5612.

С левой стороны корпуса найдете aspire 9302, а вот в сериях aspire 94xx, она разместилась ниже клавиши блокировки.

В старых моделях aspire one в нижнем правом углу найдете кнопку с антенной, а в правом верхнем углу сидит в моделях 2500 серии.

Если после этой процедуры, wifi, все еще не включается, тогда идем дальше, только учтите, что кнопки может не быть, тогда этот шаг пропускаем.

Включить wifi на ноутбуке acer – шаг третий

Теперь займемся включением wifi – клавишами. Эти комбинации есть в каждом ноутбуке, не только в acer.

При этом в разных моделях по-разному, хотя больше всего применяется Fn + F5.

Если же ваша модель aspire one Новые модели, то пробуйте включать wifi клавиши Fn + F3.

Конечно, не исключатся и другие конфигурации, моделей сотни, за всем не уследить.

Если до сих пор, не разобрались, точнее wifi, не включился, то может просто адаптер отключен.